Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder
Micro Niche Finder is a piece of software that aims to show people how to easily rise to the top of the Google search engine rankings by employing a number of different  methods, the main one being helping you to find profitable niche markets to target that have previously gone unnoticed.

This niche finder software provides you with six ways to help you earn money through the niches that you find. These are; how to promote your niches through one page articles, how to set up set-and-forget adsense pages, how to create niche private label rights packages, building web 2.0 properties, making use eBay and also Yahoo Answers. The software, which is installed so it runs from your desktop, is currently in its 5th release.

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Actual Customer Feedback

“As with the Google keyword tool Micro Niche Finder helps you retrieve keywords, amount of searches, and competition… what makes them different to Google’s keyword tool though is all the additional info you are able to find; strength of competition being the most important. You can’t actually compare the two – it’s like night and day.”
Portion of an actual review on YouTube.com

“Great piece of software that offers excellent support…”
Portion of an actual review on WarriorForum.com

“… a ground-breaking and unique tool that can benefit any Internet marketer quickly and easily.”
Portion of an actual review on RonMedlin.com

“I can honestly say I’m blown away so far.”
Portion of an actual review on WPContempo.com

Our Verdict

Even the quickest search online will reveal lots of positive reviews about Micro Niche Finder.  If you run a search looking for this product and the word ‘scam’ you get a lot of results, but virtually all of them ask whether the product is a scam and come up with the answer ‘no’.

In addition to this it is clear that not only is the product a good one, but many people are extremely pleased and surprised by just how good it is for niche research.  This bodes well for anyone who is considering buying it.

Company Information

This software has been created by James J Jones, LLC.  The company is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Product Specifications

Micro Niche Finder is a software program that is installed on your desktop.  It enables you to make money by finding and focusing on the ‘meaty’ long-tailed keywords in Google that don’t have a lot of competition.

This niche software comes with continued upgrades in the future, and it also has several bonuses included in the package.  The bonuses were created to be used alongside the main software product.

These are:
Squidoo Advantage - How to Use Squidoo to Get First Page Ranking in Google Adsense Page Generator - Easily Generate Adsense Content Pages
Fast PLR Profits – How to Make Quick Cash with Private Label Rights Content
Yahoo Answers Traffic Guide.

In addition to this, when you attempt to leave the site a pop up box appears offering you Micro Niche Finder To Go as an added bonus.  This allows you to add the software to another computer via a USB stick, which is included with your purchase.  This is shipped directly to you, whereas the rest of the items are immediately available once you have completed your purchase.

Regions Served

The software and the bonuses are downloadable and will be received as soon as payment is made.  This means they can be bought by anyone with an internet connection who can pay for their purchase online either via credit card or paypal. The USB stick will be sent via U.S postal service anywhere in the world.

Help & Support

At the bottom of the main sales page there is a link labelled ‘support’.  This takes you into another website labelled JamesJonesSupport.com.  Here you can view previous questions people have asked and received answers to.  If your question is not answered you can submit a ticket to receive the answer via the support system.

Product Price

The proper price for Micro Niche Finder is $199.99.  But the actual price at the moment is $99.99 if you agree to provide the creator with a testimonial, whether good or bad, once you have bought it and tried it out. The price includes regular upgrades to the original software as and when they are released.

Return Policy

The creator of Micro Niche Finder offers an eight week refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.  All you have to do is email their support within eight weeks of purchasing the software and you will receive a refund.  No reason needs to be given.

Official Website

Click Here to Visit the Official Micro Niche Finder Website

30 Responses to “ Micro Niche Finder ”

  1. Jorge Siemon   on May 11th, 2011

    Hi, its a nice Blog amd all nice to read!

  2. henry   on July 2nd, 2011

    i bought micro niche finder and it is terrible.
    it gets hung up about 95% of the tries.

    i tried it with win vista 64, and tried ie8, chrome, and mozilla firefox browsers still no good. wasted 5 hours so far got no work done.

  3. Almo   on July 28th, 2011

    Exactly! It hangs all the time. too bad I cant get a refund now….
    Been a waste of money

  4. Scott   on November 22nd, 2011

    It is hanging for me now alos. I am trying to get a refund. @ALmo have you been succesfull

  5. Scott Simon   on October 15th, 2012

    I just laugh at these posts that MNF “hangs” for them.

    Why? The critics don’t have a clue what they’re doing.


    A 5th grader can create a Google AdWords account. Guess these critics can’t.

    I have MNF and am very happy with it.

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