The MLM Mastermind System

mlm-mastermind-system The Online MLM Mastermind System is an in depth product that has been created by Network Marketing guru Jonathan Budd.  He has several years of experience in this industry, which is what the system focuses on, but he has only really achieved real success in the last eighteen months.  During this time he has recruited hundreds of distributors and earned thousands and thousands of dollars each month.  And he has apparently done all this online.

The Online MLM Mastermind System claims to be able to help every other network marketer achieve the same level of success.  By using the tools and techniques contained in the system, anyone in any network marketing business can apparently make recruiting easy, without even talking to any of the people who join them.

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Actual Customer Feedback

“I’m in AWE over this MLM Mastermind System.”
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“I have been using the Mastermind system for about 4-5 months, and I love it. It is so easy to work with and set up.“
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Thank you Jonathan for creating the MLM Mastermind System, it has really helped with making my network marketing business so much easier.
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Our Verdict

This is clearly not just another eBook or simple product. It is a fully fledged system that gives you everything you need to get the leads you want to inject into your network marketing business. The reviews from those who are already using MLM Mastermind are very positive too. In fact the only negative review we could find was from someone who paid the $1 to get started, and clearly didn’t realise there was a $47 a month ongoing fee to continue using the system. This is simply a case of not reading the sales page properly, as it is clearly indicated what the fee is.

Company Information

The Online MLM Mastermind System has been created by Jonathan Budd who lives and works in United States. He is a successful and well known network marketer who has earned hundreds and thousands of dollars in just eighteen months. He claims to have done this as a result of putting into action the techniques and tips that are included in this product.

Product Specifications

The MLM Mastermind System comes complete with pre-designed capture pages and sales funnels; 11 separate income streams; weekly training sessions that reveal how to market your MLM business online; access to the private Mastermind community; a pre-written auto responder series to use; information on how to track and test your results; 12 video tutorials and unlimited sales campaigns. The system also comes with several bonuses, including Law of Attraction Secrets Revealed, Marketing Mastermind training, Secrets of the Craig’s List Masterminds and Tube Traffic.

Regions Served

Every part of this system is available via download once you have paid to get access to it. This means you can order the system no matter where you live in the world.

Help & Support

An online help suite has been set up to answer any questions you may have, both before and after buying the system. Simple free registration is required. There is also a Knowledgebase included which covers the most common questions asked.

Product Price

$1 for a 7 day trial; thereafter $47 a month.

Return Policy

There is a 30 day money back guarantee, as stated in the terms of service which appear on the website.

Official Website

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3 Responses to “ The MLM Mastermind System ”

  1. Greg Chesney   on August 13th, 2009

    I like this type of monthly program. It’s pretty cheap for what you get, and because it’s monthly you get a lot of support if you need it.

    This is a system that is easy to learn and not overwhelming if you put it in place like they say. It has had the bugs ironed out so you can use it “out of the box” which means I can concentrate on building my business and talking to motivated prospects.

    The MLM Mastermind system is a great way to grow a business in my opinion. And it is all internet based which means you can operate it from anywhere at any time.

  2. Sterling   on December 8th, 2009

    I’m definitely considering this program. Well at least the one week trial of it. I have two questions, first if I sign up for the one week trial am i going to have to sign up again after the week is up or dose it automatically bill me for the first month. Do you know what I mean? Second is this sight affiliated with the mastermind site? It sure looks like it.

  3. monte   on July 20th, 2012


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