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MLM Traffic FormulaMLM Traffic Formula 2.0 is a complete course that is designed to show people how to generate plenty of network marketing leads by harnessing the power of the internet. Its creators, Mike Dillard, Tom Bell and Tim Erway are all experienced in multi-level marketing, and in fact Tom and Tim have now retired from MLM as a result of succeeding with all the methods they reveal in this course.

The course also focuses on turning those leads into members of a downline in any network marketing business. It claims to show its readers how to get their share of the huge amount of traffic that is online, as well as discovering how to earn an income from that traffic.

With subjects including capture pages, effective copywriting and search engine optimisation included – from the viewpoint of network marketing – this course claims to be the definitive guide to making any network marketing business a success.

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Actual Customer Feedback

“I make back way more than an extra $500 every week as a result of owning this product.”
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“I’ve been using Traffic Formula to support my successful online business – it really works.“
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“I’ve had MLM Traffic Formula for months now and I pick it up often and learn a new strategy every time.”
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Our Verdict

Plenty of people have already bought the MLM Traffic Formula 1 and 2, and on the whole the feedback on it is very good. There were a couple of people who felt that in MLM Traffic Formula 1, one or two small sections of it were outdated; however on closer inspection these people were much more experienced in the field of MLM and internet marketing than many people will be, however MLM Traffic Formula 1 is no longer available and in the new updated version, MLM Traffic Formula 2, which was released in June 2009, these outdated issues seem to have been resolved. And the couple of people who decided to return the course did get a prompt refund of the price paid, which is a good sign of an honest marketer.

On the whole though, most people are delighted with the depth of information given in the MLM Traffic Formula. It is a course that is used often by those who buy it, rather than simply being something they read once and forget about. This has led to a lot of excellent feedback overall.

Company Information

The MLM Traffic Formula Course has been put together by Mike Dillard, Tom Bell and Tim Erway. Mike Dillard is a millionaire who has made his fortune through using the techniques shown in the course. He has also published several other products with reference to the network marketing industry; these include Magnetic Sponsoring, Black Belt Recruiting, PPC Domination, Building on a Budget and Better Networker. Tom Bell owned a company which sold MLM leads, and Tim Erway is an expert in monetizing websites of all kinds.

Product Specifications

MLM Traffic Formula 2 consists of 12 modules which contain the following:

Module 1: The MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Revealed
Webinar 1: The MLM Traffic Formula Master plan
Webinar 2: The Market Discovery Formula

Module 2: Your MLM Traffic Formula Nerve Center
Webinar 1: The Automatic Prospecting System “Nerve Center”
Webinar 2: How To Set Up And Automate Your Marketing Nerve Center

Module 3: Copywriting Mastery Formula
Webinar 1: Mike’s 7-Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets

Module 4: How To Make More Money With The Same Traffic
Webinar 1: Scientific Marketing Simplified
Webinar 2: Simple Split-Testing Tactics

Module 5: Paid Traffic Strategies
Webinar 1: Pay Per Click Marketing Basics
Webinar 2: Other Paid Advertising

Module 6: Social Media Traffic
Webinar 1: Leveraging The 7 Largest Social Media Websites
Webinar 2: How Social Media Fits In With Your Marketing Strategy

Module 7: Video And Other Multi-Media Traffic
Webinar 1: Everything You Need To Start Creating Kick-Butt Video
Webinar 2: How To Turn Your Videos Into Massive Traffic, Leads And Cash

Module 8: Search Engine Optimization For Non-Geeks
Webinar 1: How And Where To Find Targeted Traffic On The Search Engines
Webinar 2: How SEO Fits In Your Business Model

Module 9: How To Harvest Money From Your List
Webinar 1: How To Automate Your Follow Up And Maximize Your Results

Module 10: How To Sponsor More Reps
Webinar 1: Getting Prospects To Chase You

Each module comes with bonuses and resources and the course also comes with a series of online training videos and tele-classes to further enhance the learning experience of the course.

Regions Served

The MLM Traffic Formula is currently shipped to a total of 43 countries. They are bound by the customs regulations in force in certain countries, which means the course cannot be sent to all countries around the world at this stage. Priority mail is used to ship the course to the customer.

Help & Support

There is a U.S phone number, (877) 401-3422, and email support system set up to answer any queries a customer might have. It is open during business hours from Monday to Friday (CST), and queries are normally responded to within a maximum of 48 hours. There is also an FAQ section where many common queries are answered.

Product Price

$997.00. You can also pay by two instalments of $527.00.

Return Policy

You have a full thirty days to look over the course when you receive it. If you don’t think it is for you, or you simply want to return it for a refund, you can do so during that time.

Official Website

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11 Responses to “ MLM Traffic Formula ”

  1. John Valdez   on August 13th, 2009
    Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use33333
    Value For Money44444

    This is huge. Overwhelming in fact.
    One of the problems I have with these big packages is they take so long to learn and implement.

    People tend to skim through after the first couple of modules, then life gets in the way and the package sort of becomes a dust collector.

    Don’t let that happen to you. The information here is right up to date especialy the social websites material.

    I suggest one module every couple of days is achievable. After 20 days you have the gist of it and are inside the guarantee period just in case. A grand is a lot to stump up if you’ll never use the material.

  2. Cindy   on May 26th, 2012
    Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use44444
    Value For Money55555

    I was looking for something just like this. I want to succeed in MLM and learn how to get more traffic. This is perfect, thank you very much!

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