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Actual Customer Feedback

"Mike's approach and training has completely changed my business and my life..." Portion of an actual review from YouTube.com

“Mike is a pioneer in attraction marketing and has paved the way for many people to build their businesses online.“
Portion of an actual review from Verberatez.com

“I am glad Mike is back. I can’t wait to read and see his next material on The Elevation Group website.”
Portion of an actual review on Youtube.com

“I like Mike Dillard’s approach and I like his work, it’s a FANTASTIC INTRODUCTION for people in any MLM downline, especially the Building on a Budget course.”
Portion of an actual review from Squidoo.com

Our Verdict

Many online reviews about Mike Dillard are very encouraging so we struggled to find a negative review. His various products are spoken about with enthusiasm for the most part. Many people find Mike’s approach to all of his businesses refreshing and motivating. There are some who find his products to be expensive, particularly his new project The Elevation Group, however people who are part of the membership site, seems to think it is worth the money. One or two people also mentioned the high frequency of emails once you are on his mailing list. However on the whole Mike Dillard’s products and messages are very positively received.

Company Information

Mike Dillard has four different companies from which he sells his products and memberships. These are: Magnetic Sponsoring, The Elevation Group, Better Networker and Digital Prana.  He runs all his businesses from Austin, Texas in the US.

Product Specifications

In the Network Marketing niche Mike Dillard offers courses, newsletters, videos (some free), books and eBooks on different topics related to this niche. His Network Marketing products include: Magnetic Sponsoring, Building on a Budget, Black Belt Recruiting, MLM Traffic Formula II, What's Working Now, PPC Domination and Copywriters Guild.

Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group is a membership site that requires a monthly or yearly subscription to be paid to gain access to it. The membership which provides the latest up to date information and advice on the global economic crisis and wealth transfer that is taking place, also offers members the contacts and methods needed in order to invest and profit from this massive wealth transfer.

The Better Networker website which is a social community for home business owners and network marketers,  offers a free membership and have thousands of members.

Digital Prana is a future project by Mike Dillard and is therefore not fully developed yet but once it is, it is suppose to become a niche marketing platform.

Regions Served

Most of Mike Dillard's Network Marketing products like Magnetic Sponsoring, MLM Traffic Formula, Building on a Budget, Better Networker, PPC Domination etc. are available as digital downloads so these can be bought from anywhere.

The Elevation Group, as it's a membership site, serves the entire world. Provided you have internet access you can subscribe to the site and gain access to all the information and resources held within. Some of the investment opportunities mentioned are specific to the USA, but Mike Dillard states on the website that 99% of the opportunities are attractive to anyone in the world.

Mike Dillard’s physical products, like PPC Domination, are currently being shipped to about 44 countries. They are working on expanding that list of countries on a continuous basis. All physical products are shipped via priority mail to the mailing address specified during the order process. At the present time they cannot ship to some countries, due to the various customs regulations that are in place.

Help & Support

Help and support is available for all of Mike Dillard's products via an email support ticket system that can be accessed at each of his websites. Most queries are answered within forty eight hours M-F 9AM To 5PM CST. The websites also supply an FAQ section where some of the most common problems are dealt with.

Magnetic Sponsoring has phone support: (877) 401-3422 (U.S number) where you can leave the details of your query.

Product Price

The Elevation Group: $197 per month, or up to $2,000 for an annual subscription

Magnetic Sponsoring: $39.95

Building on a Budget: $29.95

MLM Traffic Formula II: $997.00

Black Belt Recruiting: $147.00

PPC Domination: $497.00

What's Working Now: Not open to the public, can be signed up to by purchasing either Magnetic Sponsoring or Building on a Budget.

The Copywriters Guild: The only way to purchase this course is by first getting either Magnetic Sponsoring or Building on a Budget; it is closed to the public.

Inner Circle Newsletter: Not open to the public, but you can get an exclusive free trial copy if you buy either Magnetic Sponsoring or Building on a Budget. The sales copy states you can then keep receiving it for $29.95 per month thereafter.

Membership to Better Networker website: Free

Return Policy

The Elevation Group Membership: a No Questions Asked 30 day money back guarantee is offered if you are unsatisfied.

Magnetic Sponsoring course: if you don’t sponsor ten people into your network marketing business every month for the next year, you can return the product for a full refund. The bonuses are yours to keep.

Building on a Budget course: you can return the product for a full refund of the price paid if you don’t earn more in the first month than you did in the previous year. You should also be able to generate a minimum of ten leads a month using his strategies, or you can claim the refund.

MLM Traffic Formula II course: you have thirty days to examine the product. You can return it within that time for a full refund if you wish, without having a reason for doing so.

Black Belt Recruiting course: this product has a 12 month guarantee. If during that time you want to return it for any reason, you can do so and receive a full refund.

PPC Domination course: this product has a 30 day guarantee. You can return it during that time if you don’t get a minimum of ten leads a day, or make a profit using it.

The Copywriters Guild course: not applicable.

What's Working Now Membership: a No Questions Asked 30 day money back guarantee is offered if you are unsatisfied.

Inner Circle Newsletter: you can cancel your membership at any time you wish.

Membership to Better Networker website: not applicable.

Official Website

Click Here to Visit the Official Mike Dillard Website

68 Responses to “ Mike Dillard ”

  1. Sarah McDermot   on June 9th, 2009
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use44444
    Value For Money44444

    I really like this guy… mostly because he skips out all the fluff in this industry. Does anyone knows if he hosts live seminars? Please let me know if he does. Thanks x

  2. Donnalynn   on July 15th, 2009

    I really enjoyed reading your article. Covered a big topic very succinctly and it was done very thoroughly.

  3. Rich Shearer   on August 9th, 2009
    Overall Rating44444
    Ease Of Use33333
    Value For Money44444

    I watched the free videos and then brought out my credit card for the first product. Great guarantees, good feedback, so I felt pretty safe buying.

    About the only thing is the training on my main way to get leads .i.e a PPC program, is expensive at over $400. Does it really cost that much to learn how to beat the Google slap?

    It might be worth the price if you keep burning money on PPC that doesn’t get signups though.

    Time will tell, first goal is get the most out of Magnetic Sponsoring.


  4. Dave Mackinson   on March 4th, 2010

    Mike Dillard is a great guy he was the first person to introduce me to Attraction Marketing.

  5. Rigoberto   on April 9th, 2010

    Hola Mike necesito hacer mi empresa en español pero todo es en ingles que me ofreces.

    Muchas gracias

  6. Omowali   on August 3rd, 2010

    Thanks for this review. I just purchased Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring and it is great! So much to learn and just keeps getting better. I thank Mike for his personal contribution to network marketing.

  7. James King   on November 1st, 2010

    I’m trying to order the Building on a Budget course. Let me know how to do that.

    Thanks James

  8. Mr. Islas   on December 15th, 2010

    Mike Dillard is a walking legend and has earned my respect. By trial and error things can and will get accomplish when you have a DREAM to think it, a VISION to see what isn’t there and the PASSION to follow through all the adversity that will come your way. This is a testament to what he has achieved in his life and desire for us to follow him in order to reap what he has sowed. The man is awesome!

  9. zaw12929   on December 15th, 2010

    You acted in the best man! I thank you!
    Many thanks!

  10. john thomas   on February 2nd, 2011

    please cancel feb 1 2011 I have med problems to take of & I dont have the money. I will contact U later john

  11. Admin   on February 3rd, 2011

    Hi John, you cannot cancel any of Mike Dillard’s products through us, we are a third party review site. Please contact the relevant support team for the the product that you bought through any of the two websites given above.


  12. David MLm Pro from France   on May 3rd, 2011
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use55555
    Value For Money55555

    I learn a lot from Mike and he became a mentor for me. His strategies are really effective and I implement them for my business in France. well, th emarket here is not the US but it works as well. Keep giving such ggod content, Mike. Thanks

  13. Susan D.   on May 9th, 2011
    Overall Rating55555
    Ease Of Use44444
    Value For Money55555

    The Elevation Group is by far the best way I’ve ever spent my money to help me figure out how to grow my investment portfolio… I am very grateful to be part of this membership and I love the fact that for the first time in my life I can with confidence say that I am ahead of the game.

    Thanks Mike, I appreciate everything you do.

  14. Eddie Bails   on August 15th, 2011

    Mike Dillard has taught me so much. I have used his strategies and am seeing great success!

  15. Ana   on December 22nd, 2011

    He might do a good job but I’m broken… lol
    I don’t know what am I doing here.
    Any way to make some bucks from 10 of Brazilian currency.
    I wish I could have a teeth prosthetic but it will never happen.
    Thank you very much!

    I just wanted to know that since you have done your first million if the group of the most richest have gone after you so that you join them to make the rest of those who are not rich more poor and everything that a they are doing.
    It is amazing that these people are eager to destroy no matter what or who to keep in power and are incapable or giving up a single cent.
    Bill Gates Foundation!
    How philanthropic of him and his wife to make people take vaccines that kill or have irreversible side effects!
    Ant if we remember that Warren Buffet have spent 99% of his money in philanthropy we feel in peace!

  16. Gordon   on January 10th, 2012

    Dear Mike,

    I appreciate that you followed up on your promise and returned my cash. I actually think you have lots to offer. I was gripped by the interviews and thoughts that had never entered my mind, like praytell, preparedness. I learned a lot from your site.

    What hit me like a rock was this. “You cannot solve from problem with the mind that created it.” Someone really important said that once. “Playing their game” just does not appeal. Nor, do I predict, will it work. The solution to our problem does not lie in that. I realized that I was looking for wealth to make me happy, indeed for survival! When in truth I know my survival does not come from that. When the fear of insecurity hit me, I wanted wealth to save me. That is not what life is about. Life is about connection, Love, and who we are with each other – compassionate,caring, thoughtful and loving. It is not about capturing the wealth ride or getting on the upside of it. But I so do want to be prepared and thank you for bringing that detail to the fore. I know what it takes to get my dearly beloved husband on a plane, given his handicap. I see how crisis can bring out the worst in us and the best in us. If I get to the point that it’s me or you, I’ll let God decide. Your heart, I think, is in what you do. And that is the only assessment in the end.

    Have your people read Deepak Chopra’s Creating Abundance to learn more about wealth.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart,


  17. breslin   on March 7th, 2012

    I am truly sorry for those of you who buy this stuff. The simple reality is, no work, no pay. You give this guy money to tell you how to get more of it? Why is that required if all he wants is to help others? It’s been that way for my 57 years and I do not see it changing anytime until the Presidential election, which will either plunge us into total socialism or get us some relief. If you are compelled to work PPC, MLM, etc… attempts, have at it, but it will get futile when the bottom guys get zip-fact. Not being negative, merely thinking.

  18. Dillon   on March 18th, 2012
    Overall Rating33333
    Ease Of Use33333
    Value For Money33333

    Bres I think you are right on. I need desperately to build some wealth with limited resources. I am disabled and on social security. I’m interested in learning the “secrets ” to invest into gold and silver. However if the courses are too involved then I’m outdated there quick as hell. And I don’t have the time energy or money to jack around with MLM and ppc and all the other stuff he’s peddling in order to generate leads downline etc. for income although a biz generating additional income to invest would be great. I’ve tried MLM in the past but never worked. Mike and friends can do that nonsense but it ain’t for me.

  19. Slindokuhle   on May 7th, 2012

    What a great article, just what I needed. Thanks

  20. alysse frazer (Mrs)   on May 15th, 2012

    Pleasant Greetings……
    Saw one of your blurbs re advert your seminars on a womans newsletter……..however it is nigh impossible for me to attend any one of your seminars as i live in England…….and too my dearly beloved hubby is very slowly ebbing this ole world…….
    I am keenly interested to know how / where to invest down the way ……..
    with many many thanks….

    Mrs A A frazer

  21. supriyanto   on July 23rd, 2012

    Dear:Mr.Mike Dillard?…. I am very happy to be one of the service program. Well it’s just news notices or direction and most importantly for me is the positive input here …. I never underestimated .. all the news stories sent to me and whatever that other one .. I am very grateful. ..
    His Excellency: Mr.Mike Dillard is a distinct honor for me personally to be the first story of the struggle of someone who has been successful and has poured the story of the travel business from zero to hero..it’s very positive is very motivating to everyone who has read, observe …..and look to take sample and the next steps in the journey up the business world… once again I salute you and give applause.
    Warm greetings from me personally.

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