Taking Action Regardless of Fear

Most people have a lot of ideas about things that they want to do in life. But, each time they feel like doing something a little out of the ordinary, they end up taking a step back because of one reason: FEAR.

Fear, which is only a short four letter word, can greatly affect several areas of a person’s life including wealth, success, and one’s ability to be happy.

Do you remember how many opportunities you have passed up because you thought that it will only lead to failure? How often to you actually consider trying before giving up?

Think of a job interview that you declined, or an investment opportunity you let go because you found it too risky. Another common example where people let fear get in the way is when trying to find a life partner. Maybe you had feelings for a certain person, but you were not brave enough to tell him or her how you felt, causing you to lose that person for good.

Having courage and faith in ourselves will help us overcome our often deep-rooted fears. However, it will be easier to overcome and face our fears if we try to understand the fear; what it means, where it came from, and why it’s present in our lives.

Getting To Know Where Fear Comes From

Fear can be compared to an over-worried mother; it wants to keep you safe. But, in order to keep you safe, it lets you know of the possible outcomes of actions that you plan on taking. The problem of it is, is that it lets you think more on the not-so-good results ahead of time, therefore stopping you from taking action.

Taking risks is very often necessary especially if you want to get closer to your dreams in life. Unfortunately, the protective mind can easily be filled with thoughts of fear of failure and doubts. You should know that the protective mind is not necessarily to be believed.

It exists because it’s main purpose is to anticipate pain. And because anticipation is based in the future and the future only exists in your imagination, fear is not real. The protective mind’s agenda has nothing to do with wanting to make your life better but instead it aims to keep you in a safer, more secure, and more familiar place.

What Are The Ways To Overcome Fear?

Fear will always be present no matter what you do and how much you grow as a person. So, trying to totally overcome it is of no use. Instead of trying to pretend it doesn’t exist, why not make an effort to acknowledge it? Know your fears and don’t run away from it, act on it. You can’t let fears run your life.

Fear cannot control you unless you let it. You are the one that gives fear its power. If you let fear of failure stop you in reaching success it certainly will, without a doubt.

On the other hand, if you recognize that fear is just a part of you (the protective part) you can simply say to you mind “thank you for sharing” and then proceed into action. This way you are the one controlling your life, away from fear. It is still there but you are not giving into it.

Most successful people also have fears, worries and doubts but they know how to manage them and they act despite them being present.

After you conquer and overcome your fears of failure, success will not be far away because fear won’t come in the way of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Here’s a very easy tool that you can use that will help you push through any hindrance from becoming successful.


Think of your dreams, of the people that are important to you, of the career you decided to pursue, of your time, of the activities you find entertaining, and of your surroundings (where you live and with whom you associate).

In what areas of your life are you letting fear of failure, doubt or worry prevent you from taking vital steps in order to be happy and successful?

What would you do if failure could not stop you and you could overcome your fear of success, or failure?

Starting at this very moment, think and act as if you could not fail and you will be surprised at how your goals and dreams will start to unfold!

2 Responses to “ Taking Action Regardless of Fear ”

  1. medhanie kiflom   on April 28th, 2012

    okay..this article has a very basic fact that any body needed to know. most of the time we human wonder why we still here and there and make nothing progress. fear is basically has it’s own dimension . and it has fantasy and reality road. what really matter most is not acting regardless of fear in any way..but acting regardless of fantasy related fear.

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