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Magnetic SponsoringMagnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard is a course that reveals how to effortlessly generate leads and sign ups for any type of network marketing opportunity. It also shows you how you can make use of the internet to make this happen. Mike himself is a huge success in the network marketing industry, having gone from broke to a millionaire in just a year and a half.

The course claims to reveal the reasons why some people succeed in network marketing, and the majority don’t. If you use the techniques given in the course, it claims that you can successfully build a downline in any business, regardless of how confident or shy you might be. Read full review »

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Jonathan BuddJonathan Budd – commonly misspelled as Johnathan Budd – is fast making a name for himself in the world of network and internet marketing. He is only in his mid-twenties but he has already succeeded in making a fortune from network marketing thanks to his “positive” attitude and depth of knowledge. Research reveals that he has unique ways of recruiting people, and he shares these methods in his products.

He offers a small range of products that all have one main thing in common. They all claim to be able to help anyone build their own network marketing business by harnessing the power of the internet to do it. His official website reveals more about how he took just fifteen months to go from a standing start to earning thousands of dollars a day. Read full review »

Mike Dillard

mike_dillardMike Dillard – commonly misspelled as Mike Dilard – is an online success story. Although being mostly known as the biggest guru in the world of network marketing, he has lately also made a name for himself in the arena of investing through his latest product, The Elevation Group; a membership site teaching people how to take advantage of the biggest wealth transfer of our time and invest like the ultra rich.

His journey from being a waiter to becoming a self made millionaire took him just a year and a half to complete. He has progressed from rock bottom – literally struggling to eat – to being one of the foremost sources of advice in the world of network marketing, internet marketing and now investing. Read full review »

The Elevation Group

The Elevation GroupThe Elevation Group (EVG) is a membership site developed by internet millionaire Mike Dillard. It concentrates on and teaches the wealth strategiess of the rich, reflecting on the exclusive techniques they employ daily to gain more wealth.

The Elevation Group joins several rich and experienced people, many who are in the 10% category that is producing 90% of the world’s riches. The objective with the Elevation Group is to assist the average individual in understanding how to deal with and grow their assets in ways that are used only by the privileged rich. Read full review »

Online MLM Secrets

magnetic sponsoring Online MLM Secrets is an audio program that claims to make easy work of recruiting people into any network marketing program. Its creator, Jonathan Budd, earns over $84,000 every month as a result of putting these methods into practice.

The product focuses specifically on how to recruit new distributors into any downline by using the internet. The methods that Jonathan Budd uses (which he reveals in the Online MLM Secrets course) can apparently be replicated in order to create the same success and income for other people as he has experienced himself. Working with the methods that he now teaches, it took him 18 months to reach the level of income he enjoys today. Read full review »

PPC Domination

ppc domination PPC Domination – or Pay Per Click Domination – is a video course that aims to show people how to generate thousands of leads for their MLM business by using Google Adwords. What’s more, it claims
to ensure that everyone who applies the method shown on the videos earns money for each lead, rather than simply paying for it. The course has been created by Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi, who is a PPC expert.

The course claims to reveal why most people lose money and don’t get the results they want from Google Adwords. It also aims to show people how to make sure that doesn’t happen to them. If you apply the knowledge you will learn from these videos, the course aims to enable you to build a huge downline in your choice of network marketing business. Read full review »

MLM Traffic Formula

MLM Traffic FormulaMLM Traffic Formula 2.0 is a complete course that is designed to show people how to generate plenty of network marketing leads by harnessing the power of the internet. Its creators, Mike Dillard, Tom Bell and Tim Erway are all experienced in multi-level marketing, and in fact Tom and Tim have now retired from MLM as a result of succeeding with all the methods they reveal in this course.

The course also focuses on turning those leads into members of a downline in any network marketing business. It claims to show its readers how to get their share of the huge amount of traffic that is online, as well as discovering how to earn an income from that traffic.

With subjects including capture pages, effective copywriting and search engine optimisation included – from the viewpoint of network marketing – this course claims to be the definitive guide to making any network marketing business a success. Read full review »

SaleHoo Wholesale Directory

SaleHoo is an international wholesale dropship directory that connects retailers and suppliers.

The product is tailored to first-time online sellers as well as more experienced merchants, with a full support service and good range of tools included in the yearly membership.

Marketplaces include big name merchants such as eBay, Amazon and Craigslist, while retailers can also choose to sell via their own custom e-commerce sites. This product aims to increase the quality of suppliers, through a stringent verification process. Read full review »

Easy Video Suite

Easy Video Suite is the much anticipated follow up to Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Player, offering a full video marketing package that can be integrated with a number of promotional tools.

Smartly targeted, tested videos are a very good way to start generating the right leads for your business campaigns.

To do this however, you need the right tools in order to know which videos are hitting the mark. This is where products such as Easy Video Suite come in to assist… Read full review »

Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche FinderMicro Niche Finder is a piece of software that aims to show people how to easily rise to the top of the Google search engine rankings by employing a number of different methods, the main one being helping you to find profitable niche markets to target that have previously gone unnoticed.

This niche finder software provides you with six ways to help you earn money through the niches that you find. These are; how to promote your niches through one page articles, how to set up set-and-forget adsense pages, how to create niche private label rights packages, building web 2.0 properties, making use eBay and also Yahoo Answers. The software, which is installed so it runs from your desktop, is currently in its 5th release. Read full review »